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Hello to all the people who have joined since I bothered 'maintaining' this community again. I was once shrunkenheads, but now I have a new name. But whatever...thanks for joining and I'm glad to see this community growing finally! I know there are some true fans out there and seeing people here who have actually attended White Zombie concerts is awesome! **hides jealousy** If only I were a few years older last time they played my city...

Where was I? Ah yes, if anything comes to mind post no matter what! Anything goes here basically and I'm still dying to see any artwork or tattoos or old school shirts you have! And if anyone has an extra Say You Love Satan shirt hanging out, give a sista a break and send it my way? I had it once, long scary ex-bf story though. Haha just joking... ;)

Take care people and stay up!
Your lovely maintainer,
Lizz xo

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