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An Arguement For Evil

God created the heaven and the earth. God formed man and woman from the dust of the earth and His divine breath. God created the angels to be superior to all, to stand by His side and serve Him well for all eternity. Angels were jealous of man because he was given freewill, which they were not. God created Lucifer, the Light-bringer, to be His most perfect creation. Now, (and here's where the logic comes in, people) if Lucifer is an angel (albeit a fallen one), and angels have no freewill, then Lucifer would have no freewill. By this, we can determine that Lucifer has no freewill. If Lucifer has no freewill, then every action Satan has ever undertaken was scripted by God. If every action undertaken by Lucifer was scripted by God, it was God's decree that made Lucifer proud, and God's design for Lucifer to desire His position as Supreme Being. This leaves us with two possible conclusions. Option 1) God is a sick fuck who would make His favorite creation desire the one thing that would damn him to Hell for all eternity, forever cut off from God's presence. In this case, worship of God as a Supreme being is stupid, given the results of His "favor." Option 2) God's most perfect creation is perfect, even after the fall and including the ambitious desire to usurp His throne. In this case, worship of God as a Supreme being is stupid, as His most perfect creation lights the way for all others to desire a position as God. Adam and Eve were kicked from the garden of Eden after eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge. The reason given for this removal is the possibility that they might eat of the tree of life and be as gods. Immortality has been a goal of humanity ever since. My question is: to all who have actually read the bible, what part makes worship seem like a good idea? When God acts as a petulant child, destroying kingdoms because He places an idea into the leader's head to go against actions already set forth by God (as in the incidents surrounding the parting of the Red Sea)? When Jesus says that only those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior shall enter the kingdom of heaven, after He speaks of not following Him, but instead finding one's own path? Jesus paves the way, lit by Satan, to individual godhood, yet millions cannot grasp these ideas, instead choosing to follow blindly, like lemmings of a cliff into oblivion. Even such a basic precept as the idea of God as male, when the original Greek and Hebrew versions of the bible plainly use the hermaphroditic sense when referring to God, is ludicrous. There is a reason that the devil can quote scripture to further his cause. Open your eyes, and the eyes of those around you. The bible is your best weapon against the sheep. God hath incriminated Himself in the very words used to further His cause. Remember also that many words were changed in the English translation. Greek and Hebrew have multiple meanings for the same words and phrases. King James was a liar, changing words like poisoner, liar, and deceiver to read witch. The original meaning of the word of God has been buried within the language, misogyny, fear, and hatred of the times they were written. The account of Jesus' death and resurrection cannot be true as put forth in the stories. He died Friday night and was entombed, correct? How? Jews were forbidden from touching a corpse after sundown, as well as on the Sabbath day (Saturday before the pagans were recruited). He was entombed for 3 days and 3 nights, correct? How? Fri night, Sat day, Sat night, Sun morning when His tomb was discovered to be empty. That's 2 nights and a day and a half, people. The bible is a series of stories designed to keep the public in line, with just enough magic and mystery to allow for the supernatural in a people who's lives depend on practicality and revel in superstition and tradition.

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