Since it is semi-related to the theme of this community, I thought I would let you all know about the new live journal community - Queens of Fright - dedicated to scream queens and horror divas. Feel free to join join join if you are interested! Oh, and don't forget to spread the word! Thanks!
Queens of Fright!


Hey Im Layla... Im originally from Portland, OR and currently on my way to Albuquerque, NM...I dig all things psychobilly , rockabilly,and punk...

Anyways, just thought I'd say hi..

So..um... HI!
Beautiful Day

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One thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it: -- it was the black kitten's fault entirely!

-Mikie, I'm not a dud! :p
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Rock City Morgue!!!

ok so i may be late with my discovery...LOL...but yeah i have to see them...they just played here a couple of weeks ago...so i missed them but i shall not miss them again....
Its Sean Yseult's (former bassist of white zombie) Band. So i cannot miss them again!!

they are now based out of New Orleans...uugghh...:(

If anyone cares to see them go here....

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