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Hey Im Layla... Im originally from Portland, OR and currently on my way to Albuquerque, NM...I dig all things psychobilly , rockabilly,and punk...

Anyways, just thought I'd say hi..

So..um... HI!

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i just so happen to be new here, and this just so happens to be my first post, which just so happens to be cross-posted from my journal. i assume none of you read my journal, so you shouldn't mind much :

i ordered the "Rock City Morgue" CD a while ago, and it finally arrived last night. On the paypal order form page, there was a section reading "Special Requests or Comments:" .. quite passively, i typed "A Sean Yseult autographed photo? please?" . . . well i received a package in the mail, with a black bat stamped on the back of the envelope. Nice touch. i opened it to find two rock city morgue stickers. that was nice, but no autographed photo. no surprise, really.

then i pulled the cd out of the envelope, and on the back of it, there is a photo of the band --> right next to the photo of Sean [far left] i found a sharpie signature which reads, quite unmistakeably, "Sean Yseult" with a small inverted pentagram beside it. so. fucking. cool. look :

an original member of white zombie autographed a cd for me. that's worth a few hundred cool points, i think. oh, you're so jealous.

and now, a photo of vinnie paul making it very clear that sean is far too cool to be hanging out with him.

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Beautiful Day

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One thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it: -- it was the black kitten's fault entirely!

-Mikie, I'm not a dud! :p
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Rock City Morgue!!!

ok so i may be late with my discovery...LOL...but yeah i have to see them...they just played here a couple of weeks ago...so i missed them but i shall not miss them again....
Its Sean Yseult's (former bassist of white zombie) Band. So i cannot miss them again!!

they are now based out of New Orleans...uugghh...:(

If anyone cares to see them go here....

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