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†Super Charger Heaven†

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†Psychoholics Anon†
Bowels of Hell
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This community is for White Zombie fans ONLY.
.*.Welcome to Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag.*.

The One Zombie Community You Don't Need To Fill Out A Lame Questionaire
Wear Too Much God Awful Store Bought Make Up For!!

woven in the surface a premonition of a land erupting
a sparkling occasion of a city crashdown! overhead
revolv'n in a whirlpool a drag-o-rama walk'n on the
sidewalk so let me see ya howl'n through the keyhole
"god damn, swept away" she shouted - she love it - get
in away yeah! I concentrate the midnight without the
benefit of ceremony - whoever said, "The one who strips
your soul is the one that got away" a weather-beaten
angel descending to embrace the cemetery - got love - so
mystifying "god damn, swept away" she shouted - she
love it - get in away yeah! she shouted - she love it - get
in away - yeah! voodoo beat on
the mind the digs too deep to find
something has got to give, man
[psych-out] racketeer or star you
are just what you are, don't play
the misty, baby! [get you] into a
river sky electro nation cry "i need
another, now" drift beyond the
sleeping the moon is shift'n
shadows on her figure - swamptime
locomotion "i can't take it,
anymore!" sunlight through the
shutters illuminating moment to
the moment buzz a halo over "god
damn, swept away" she shouted -
she love it - get in away - yeah -
planet pretty kill - motherfucker hang me on the
thrills - psychoholic slag tomorrow is another drag
[yeah] picnic in the homeland - like a jesus super-star
yeah! kiss me deadly, baby [baby] i know who you are
[come on] planet pretty kill - motherfucker hang me on
the thrills yeah! no small heaven [haven] i got the left
hand of the keeper - meet me in st. louis "god" a one-
way ticket's cheaper yeah! time-travel i'm walk'n
[walk'n] i got a white line zombie fever [fever] yeah!
time bomb the hero [hero] yeah get down!!

Head Mortician:: rylh1ghne55_420

Rock City Morgue
Rob Zombie Community

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